Name and Meaning

1) Bakdolbub

The original name of Kuksundo is Bakdolbub.

BakBak means sun, light, sunlight, bright light.

DolDol means “revolve around” and “return”, as well as it connotes the yin and yang of the spirit. All things are created through the flow of change and they return to the nature of the universe before the creation when they perish—this law of creation and death is what Dol means.

Bub Bub means a law or method.

2) Kuksundo

Kuk Kuk means that it sees the universe as one big nation.

Sun In the oriental Sun-morality, the Chinese character Sun(仙) means Taoists with miraculous powers from two separate characters—a person Byun (亻) and a mountain San(山). This indicates the relationship between a human and a mountain. .
However, in Kuksundo, the character Sun comes from a person Byun (亻) and a sky Chun(天). This indicates the relationship between a human and the heavens.
Therefore, the word Sun (亻天) can be used to mean three things: Sun as in human, Sun as in flowing through, and Bool as in realization.

Do do means a road, method, and principle.

Therefore, Kuksundo means “Look at the universe as one nation” and “the road or the law of morality of the nature in which a human and the heavens connect.”

3) Sundojoo: The truth of a heaven’s human and the human is the owner

Jungkakdowan : Rightfully realize the source of the truth

Chejicheneung : I acquire the truth and the ability

Sundoilwha : Be harmonized as one under the heaven’s human truth

Goohwalchangseng : Save all the living things under the sky

Accordingly, Bakdolbub is the training method for developing the body, mind, and sprit to the highest level possible by taking the light energy like the sun into my body and by making the human and the revolving law of the nature.

4) Do-In-Do-Song

Do-In-Do-Song means that lead with Do, it means that, by listening to the sound with the true meaning of the Mother Nature, we must be led into it.
Currently in the training centers, prior to body training, we focus our minds by listening to the Do-In-Do-Song of 465 letters. This writing is the theoretical explanation that extracted the extensive ethical and training related contents that were naturally created by the training method of Jung-Gak-Do stages (Joongi, Gungon, Woonki Dan methods).