Origin and History

The origins of the Bakdolbub date back to about 9,700 years ago.
At that time, Hanulham (Chunki) Ascetic met with Taoists with miraculous powers at Baekdu Mountain coincidentally and entered the village where they live.
And there, he finished all the course of the training called Bakdolbub and achieved a grand level of morality.
After that, Hanulham Ascetic descended from the mountain and spread Bakdolbub to the people of the world.

Therefore, the practitioners of Bakdolbub think of Hanulham (Chunki) Ascetic as the progenitor, and call the day when Hanulham Ascetic descended from Baekdu Mountain as ‘The Origin Year of the Sky (天元紀, Chunwonki)’ and consider it as the origin.
Thus, January 1, 2023 on the lunar calendar is January 1, 9771 on the lunar Origin Year of the Sky (Chunwonki) calendar.
Since then, for a long period of time, only Bakdolbub had existed, which has been passed down and developed while significantly influencing the training culture of various countries and people in Asia including Korea.

In Korea, around the 1st century BC, there were three kingdoms of Koguryo, Baekje and Silla.
At that time, in order to strengthen the country, the three kingdoms had young talent training institutes to perform Bakdolbub training in the name of Choeuiseonin in Goguryeo, Moojul in Baekje, and Hwarang in Silla.
Later, in the 7th century, Silla unified the three kingdoms, and, as the strength of the young Hwarangs was significant, the teacher of Bakdolbub who taught them Bakdolbub was called as the Teacher of the Nation, Kuksun.
Since then, as the law of morality taught by Kuksuns, the name Kuksundo has been started to be used for the first time.
However, as the country gradually changed in the course of history, the people who practiced Bakdolbub gradually went back to the mountains by leaving behind the mundane world due to the introduction of foreign culture.
And the legacy of Bakdolbub has been continued through 1:1 trainings of the discipline for pupils who got in touch with it.
Then, in the modern age, Chungsan in the young age of 13 was led by the teacher, Chungwoon Ascetic, and entered a mountain to learn all Bakdolbub trainings for 20 years.
And, in 1967, he descended the mountain to publicly pass down the perfect training methods in the more historically well-known name of Kuksundo than Bakdolbub to modern people of the world.

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