Greetings from the president of Bakdol Kuksundo

Hello, all,
My name is JinMok, the President of the World Bakdol Kuksundo Federation.
Bakdol Kuksundo is a Korean traditional training method that has been passed down from the mountains for many years.
This Bub started with earnest wish to take in brightness of sky and sun to the body and the mind.
Thus, it is composed of systematical and scientific training methods by applying the yin-yang and five elements of the universe principles, the oriental philosophy, to the principle of Jungkishin of a human body.
The training method of Bakdol Kuksundo includes all kinds of training methods known in the world such as Body breathing and meditation, martial arts, acupressure, bow training, hoesabub, and gakjinkwan.
These exercises help make the body and mind soul of the individual healthier and further develop their potential to realize a holistic human figure.
It also helps to realize the ideals of Kuksundo including the humanitarian ideal for benefiting the all and Goowhal-Changseng for saving all the living things.
Thus, even though started from Korea, Bakdol Kuksundo is made for all the humans in the world.
Therefore, I am convinced that if every man and woman of the world trains by overcoming the borders, religions, thoughts and ideas, they will not only find health but also true happiness of life.
The World Bakdol Kuksundo Federation is doing its utmost to ensure that the excellence of Kuksundo helps everyone all around the world.
Our Federation’s door is always opened.
Come in with a relaxed mind and experience the amazing experience of Bakdol Kuksundo.
You will be able to meet your true greatness and true self.

Be happy always.
Master Jin Mok