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Cheongsan Gesong (The Kouksundo Opening Poem) by Cheongsan Seonsa

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- 靑山揭頌(序詩): Cheongsan Gesong(The Kouksundo Opening Poem)

- 靑山揭頌: Cheongsan's Poem in Praise of Kouksundo

마음은 누리에 차고
My heart is filled with the world
누리 이 마음에 차네
and the world is full of me
누리의 도는 마음의 도
The way of the world is the way of my heart
마음의 도는 누리의 도
The way of my heart is the way of the world
마음 누리 둘 아닐세.
My mind and the world are not separate.

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